Snowmobile Trail Signage

New Hampshire’s snowmobile trail signs have been created based on international standards for the safety of riders, as well as the rest of the public.

Because who wants to be out on the trail lost? It’s not a good feeling when your gas is getting low and you don’t know where you are or how far away the pumps are. Or what if a rider experiences a medical emergency and needs to let help know their location? And riders should always be able to tell if they are still on an authorized trail system, or have taken an incorrect turn.

It is the rider’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with trail signs and follow direction of them while using New Hampshire’s trail system.

Snowmobile clubs should keep in mind that trail users may not be familiar with their trail system and sign appropriately and adequately. The Bureau of Trails (BOT) has created Trail Signing Guidelines to assist clubs in knowing where and how to post trail signs. The BOT urges all clubs to follow these guidelines and to use the signs supplied by the Bureau so that trails are uniformly marked throughout the State.

Remember to respect landowners and stay on designated trails! Without landowners’ permission, there would be no trail system!

Other FAQs regarding snowmobiling in New Hampshire