Registering Your Snowmobile

In New Hampshire snowmobiles must be registered when operated anywhere other than the owner’s property. Riding is only allowed on approved trails or on someone’s land that has provided the rider with written permission. There are no additional trail user fees in N.H.

2016/2017 snowmobile registrations are valid from the date of issue through June 30, 2017 and are not prorated. Registrations can be obtained in person at authorized registration agents throughout the state. They may also be obtained in person from the New Hampshire Fish & Game Headquarters, or by calling Fish & Game at (603) 271-4300.

Current registration fees may be accessed here. Fees are reduced for both resident and non-resident snowmobilers if they are a member of a snowmobile club.

Your Snowmobile Registration Fees at Work

Registration fees in New Hampshire are split between two state agencies, NH Fish and Game and the NH Dept. of Resources and Economic Development, Division of Parks and Recreation’s Bureau of Trails. In addition, $1 from each registration goes into the Fish & Game Search and Rescue Fund, $3 from each registration goes to the registration agent, and $2 from each registration goes to the vendor of the electronic registration system.

NH Fish and Game is responsible for the administration of the snowmobile registration program, snowmobile safety education, and law enforcement out on the trails.

The majority of monies the Bureau of Trails receives are returned to the local snowmobile clubs through the Bureau’s Grant-In-Aid Program. There are two types of snowmobile GIA grants, the Summer Grant that provides funds to the clubs for snowmobile trail construction and maintenance (including bridge building/maintenance) and updating or replacement of snowmobile trail grooming equipment, and the Winter Grant that provides funding to snowmobile clubs to help with fuel costs of grooming the snowmobile trails.

New Hampshire has a reputation for excellence with its nationally recognized wealth of wide, well-groomed snowmobile trails. By encouraging snowmobile club membership, providing Safety Education and enforcing snowmobile laws, we work together to provide a safe and enjoyable riding experience. These high standards are maintained by snowmobile registration fees. For a registration cost allocation breakdown see the documents linked below: